After Inauguration Day: Women’s March to Protest Trump a Huge Success

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Three million people turned up nationwide for the Women’s March the day after Inauguration Day, the difference between the votes for Trump and Clinton, to protest Trump’s presidency

protest, dissent, trump's inauguration day crowd, 3m people show in for the women's march, electoral vote, popular vote, difference between hillary clinton vote and trump vote, trump inauguration, 2016 presidential election, women's march, women's march austin capitol(01-22-2017, updated 07-13-2018.) The march to protest the degenerate-in-chief was a yuge success. Shall I count the ways? I think I shall.

1. The Women’s March drew far more people than anticipated in most places. In Austin, where I marched with R and T, they expected about 20,000. The most conservative estimate of the turnout was 40,000. Kudos, too, to all those determined people who stood up, alone in their community, for what they believed in.

2. The march caught Trump’s attention. He felt the need to ask in a tweet why all those people didn’t vote. They did–almost three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election than for him. Clinton won the popular vote. More than three million people in America alone protested against Trump and his misogynist cabinet yesterday, so the march also serves as a visual of the difference in the popular vote between Mrs. Clinton and Trump. “But I won the electoral vote!” Yeah, we don’t care.

3. It was uplifting for all the people who cried the day before, on Inauguration Day, when Trump became president of America. People like me. It was impossible for me to see even the tiniest silver lining on that gray day. I didn’t watch the inauguration, but I saw photos of him with his pussy-grabbing hand on Lincoln’s bible, and those images cannot be unseen. That was a day of dread.

Yesterday was the complete opposite. We were all reminded that most people are decent, non-pussy-grabbing, non-violent, anti-fascist, inclusive, loving citizens who all see that the would-be emperor has no clothes. He’s still dangerous, and some bad things are going to happen, but we can survive this. American democracy can survive this if this is the first protest of many against everything Trump does that flies in the face of the Constitution.

4. The Women’s March brought out the worst in  the misogynist male Trump supporters, so we are clear about what we are up against. Feminism is necessary. The inequality and the misogyny are real. We never came as far as we thought–these male chauvinist pigs were always there, they were just less empowered until Trump came to the White House. So thank you, guys, for putting some fuel on our already blazing fire. We’ll take it wherever we can get it.

5. No doubt a few people learned to knit or crochet. The pink pussycat hats were everywhere! (Not as much in Austin, because it was hot down here.) I think the new president got the message: Pussy grabs back!

6. Real men had an opportunity to demonstrate their real-manliness by joining their wives, daughters, sisters and mothers in this march.

7. Considering the tantrum Trump’s press secretary Spicer threw when he saw the pictures comparing the crowds for President Obama’s first inauguration with those for Trump’s Inauguration Day crowd, this one, I, for one, can’t wait to see how he melts down in front of the press tomorrow about the comparisons of the degenerate-in-chief’s inaugural crowd–or shall we say gathering?–and the three million that came together across the country in massive protests of said degenerate.  At least we will still have something to laugh about tomorrow.

8. The protest was a warning for the GOP, who until now have shown no spine in the face of trump’s rise to the presidency. Keep pussy-footing around this ignorant, unconstitutional, white supremacist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-science, anti-environment cabinet and in four years Elizabeth Warren will be president.

9. The Women’s March was an outlet for creativity. People threw Trump’s gross language right back at him, not only in the form of the pink pussy hats, but in many signs as well. Women wore the “Nasty Woman” T-shirts with pride. I wish I had cut the sleeves off mine and that I had chosen the white shirt with black lettering instead of the black T-shirt with white lettering, but I was happy to sacrifice my comfort for the cause.

10. And last but definitely not least: the march took place all over the world, even on a boat in the Antarctic! Thank you, everyone!

While we were standing under a tree, watching and reading the signs as they slowly went by before we could start moving ourselves, our conversation touched, somehow, on what Trump’s dreams are, and then on what his nightmares must be about. “This”, said R.

Indeed. Mission accomplished.

(This post was first published on the blog Resident Alien: Being Dutch in America, under the title: “Women’s March Successful”, 01-22-2017)


“My Shirts Aren’t Going To Iron Themselves”: Conservatives Launch Attacks On Women’s March”. Media Matters, January 21, 2017 2:52 PM EST.

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