An FBI Investigation of Dr. Ford’s Accusations of Sexual Assault? Why Bother?

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(September 29, 2018)  When the judge is the accused  The process of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh  has been unprecedented. The Kavanaugh sexual assault hearing yesterday, about Dr. Ford's allegations of sexual assault was also unprecedented. There had been no FBI investigation beforehand. The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee left questioning Dr. Ford up to a female prosecutor.

Trump is still the unpresidential candidate in the 2016 presidential election

(06-07-2016, updated 07-13-2018) We are halfway the 2016 presidential election and Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. When will he become presidential? We see how Trump treats every demographic that isn't white males. And he would silence judges, shut down the press, encourage even more police brutality, and we'd have many armed militias at his beck and call.