The Screeching Mob, a.k.a. Kavanaugh Protesters

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Senators on both sides said at the SCOTUS nomination hearing that demonstrations come with democracy. But Trump & co. portray Kavanaugh protesters as an existential threat.

American Democratic Values are Now Officially Meaningless

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(October 6, 2018)  Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. The majority can do what they want, and for this GOP the end justifies all means. An independent judiciary, due process, democracy itself? They weren't convenient, so they threw out the rule book. It's gone. That's how fascism begins.

An FBI Investigation of Dr. Ford’s Accusations of Sexual Assault? Why Bother?

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(September 29, 2018)  When the judge is the accused  The process of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh  has been unprecedented. The Kavanaugh sexual assault hearing yesterday, about Dr. Ford's allegations of sexual assault was also unprecedented. There had been no FBI investigation beforehand. The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee left questioning Dr. Ford up to a female prosecutor.

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the Separation of Powers

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(September 25, 2018) Chevron Deference, the scope of presidential power, and the Supreme Court. The Constitution requires three branches of government. This separation of powers would prevent tyranny. In reality, however, they also have to work together. And there's the rub. No matter who becomes the next Supreme Court Justice, these issues play a central role.

The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

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(September 24, 2018)  During the confirmation hearing, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh came across as a sincere, conscientious man who would honestly departmentalize his personal opinions (for the most part) and be an independent, impartial Supreme Court justice who understand the importance of the separation of powers between the three branches of government. 

Hitler and Trump: Propaganda for the Poorly Educated in Mein Kampf

"I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and I wouldn't lose any voters," Trump said. He focuses on the poorly educated, who he sees as useful idiots. Hitler's thoughts exactly.

Conclusion: American Fascism Won’t Be Gone After Trump

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(10-30-2017, updated 07-11-2018) Fascism in America Part 11: Conclusion. Most of you Americans on the left were gobsmacked when Trump won the election. You completely underestimated his allure. So we now have a wanna-be fascist in the White House. Apart from dealing with the matter at hand, you all also have to think about post-Trump America.

Trump and Fox News, Good Luck!

(02-22-2017, updated 07-12-2018) When the President of the United States tweets Fox News fake news about Sweden, (and on Presidents Day) all of Sweden lets us know it's fake news. I predict that there's going to be more of this. Like King George says in the musical Hamilton: "They're going to tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ, this will be fun!"

American Democracy Is Only As Strong As Its Separation of Powers

(01-30-2017, updated 07-13-2018)  Will the legislative branch and the judicial branch hold up against authoritarianism? American democracy the checks and balances, the separation of powers over the three branches of government only work if everyone sticks to the rules. When you elect a president who doesn't play by the rules, he can replace it with a dictatorship.

Millions of Illegal Immigrants Committed Voter Fraud, Trump Insists

(01-25-2017, updated 07-13-2018)  How stupid is this? Let me count the ways. Trump lost the popular vote. Since I'm in a counting mindset, let me also count the ways it's stupid of Trump to insist that he would have won the popular vote, were it not for those millions of illegal immigrants and other fraudulent voters.