Slaveholders, Militant Immediatists and Everyone Else on the Abolitionist Spectrum

(03-21-2014, updated 07-15-2018) White Slave owners, black slave owners, gradualists, immediatists, militants, persuasive abolitionists,moral abolitionists and those who wanted to see all blacks move to Liberia. Yesterday I promised that I would qualify the anti-slavery movement.I mentioned that the North was largely against slavery and the South was largely for it. Well, the white South, that is. But of course things were never quite that black and white, pardon the pun.

American Slavery and the Civil War: A Quick When and Why

(03-18-2014, updated 07-15-2018)  There's really no such thing as a quick overview of this topic, so I feel a series coming on. A Dutch friend said that she didn't learn that much about American slavery in high school. I learned a lot--enough to argue viciously with my distant relatives in Bakersfield, California when I visited them at the annoying age of 18, anyway.