The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

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(September 24, 2018)  During the confirmation hearing, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh came across as a sincere, conscientious man who would honestly departmentalize his personal opinions (for the most part) and be an independent, impartial Supreme Court justice who understand the importance of the separation of powers between the three branches of government. 

Racial disparity: Institutional Racism from Black Codes to the Present

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Racial inequity didn't end in 1865. The present disparity started with black codes, then continued with Jim Crow. Some segregation policies lasted into the 1970s.

What is Fascism in America? Definition and Identification

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I was invited to speak at an anti-fascist meeting, since the Germans occupied Holland in WWII. The experience led to this post series and my new blog on American fascism.

Spring Valley High School Student Violently Arrested in Class

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(10-28-2015, updated 07-14-2018) If you're black in a public high school in South Carolina, using your phone in class can be extremely dangerous. When a sixteen-year-old girl at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina was caught with her phone, the teacher told her to hand it over. She refused. The teacher then ordered her to go to the principal's office. She refused.The teacher called the assistant principal, who then told her to leave the classroom. She refused. So the assistant principal sicced the cop--excuse me, I mean School Resources Officer Ben Fields--on her.

Police Killings, Militarization and the Absence of the NRA in Ferguson, Missouri

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(08-22-2014, updated 07-15-2018)   An untrained police force does not serve the public, it's a danger to the public. Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Demonstrations against police violence have been going on since, which the police met with tanks and army gear. They aimed military-grade weapons at the town's citizens.

Stay Tuned For “History and Time in Harry Mulisch’s The Assault”

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(05-02-2014, updated 07-25-2018) The Assault by Harry Mulisch: a historical novel par excellence. The following posts are a paper I wrote in graduate school about The Assault (De aanslag), a novel by my favorite Dutch author, Harry Mulisch. It's titled "History and Time in Harry Mulisch's The Assault". It discusses the different ways Mulisch uses time and history, while examining structure, narration and Mulisch's ideas about time, history and fiction.

Laura Plantation: A Museum on the Mississippi

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(03-16-2014, updated 07-15-2018)  The remains of a sugar plantation along the Mississippi in Louisiana. Laura Plantation is a museum in Vacherie, Louisiana, one of the old sugar plantations along the River Road. It's named after Laura Locoul Gore, granddaughter of the Frenchman Guillaume Duparc who settled there in 1804. It's one of the thousand or so Creole plantation homes that used to line the Mississippi from New Orleans on up to Baton Rouge.