Dutch Police Training: From Authoritarianism to Deescalation Strategies

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In World War Two, the Netherlands felt what authoritarianism does. Respect for authority declined after the war. Dutch police training adapted, and focused on social skills like deescalation techniques.

Spring Valley High School Student Violently Arrested by SRO Ben Fields

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An SRO -- School Resources Officer -- at Spring Valley High School (S.C.) violently slammed a black female student to the floor and then threw her several feet toward the door. She was arrested for using her cell phone in class. 

Better Firearms Training, Less Lethal Force, Fewer Lethal Police Shootings

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During police firearms training, why not teach officers to aim for the shoulder or leg? There would be decidedly fewer lethal police shootings if cops didn't have the license to use lethal force every time they felt threatened.

How to Get Independent Quality Police Training and Police Accountability

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For police accountability and guaranteed quality, police training must take place on a state level, independent of the culture within individual police forces.

1984: Dutch Police Training Adjusts to Society’s Anti-Authoritarianism

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Dutch police training was revised when the police realized the need to adapt to post-war society's anti-authoritarianism.  They shifted from rigidly applying the law to focusing on social skills such as deescalation strategies.

Police Shootings, Militarization and the Absence of the NRA in Ferguson MO

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Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Demonstrations against police violence have been going on since, which the police have met with tanks and army gear.