Trump’s Muslim Ban and Hate Crimes Against Muslims by Trump Supporters

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Trump’s Muslim ban on refugees from majority Muslim countries that isn’t a Muslim ban or any ban, and Trump Supporters’ hate crimes against Muslims from the Middle East who were Hindus from India

Trump's Muslim ban, Muslim ban, ban on Muslim refugees, ban on refugees from majority Muslim countries, American extremists, Trump extremists, hate crimes by Trump supporters, the scream by edvard munch,

(02-25-2017, updated 07-12-2018)  Trump has ordered a ban on refugees from majority Muslim countries, although it’s either a ban or not, and a Muslim ban or not,  at different times of day, depending on what Trump has last heard Sean Hannity call it on Fox “News”, maybe? It’s anyone’s guess. The purpose of whatever it is seems to be to keep America safe from Muslim extremists who aim to kill us. However, no refugees from those countries have killed anyone in America in at least twenty years.

American extremists, on the other hand, have murdered, injured and harassed plenty of Muslims in America. The latest incident of hate crimes against Muslims: A white American male–no doubt a ‘real American’–shot and killed one man and injured two others, because two of them looked to him to be Middle-Eastern. “Get out of my country!” he yelled before he shot them. The two men whom the killer thought were Middle-Eastern were in fact Indian or Indian-American. Not that that’s relevant. Clearly nobody with dark hair, dark eyes and brown skin is safe anymore. He shot the third man when he tried to intervene.

I’m screaming in my head half the time, lately, and I’m not even personally affected by any of it. I can’t begin to imagine what the families of the victims are going through right now. And I’m afraid that hate crimes against Muslims and any minorities by Trump supporters are only going to increase.

Apart from issuing his Muslim ban and then denying that it is one, Trump is silent. Considering that he usually jabbers like a syphilitic monkey, his consistent silence when it comes to hate crimes is loud and clear. Trump supporters, your president supports you right back.

I’m a humanist — at least I try to be most of the time, but fuck that right now. Thrice-used ass-wipes like this latest killer and everyone who thinks like him are write-offs. Fuck trying to understand them. Just impeach Trump already and drive these imbeciles back under their rocks! And I suggest we start calling these Trump supporters who commit hate crimes against Muslims and others what they are: Trump extremists.

(This post was first published on the blog Resident Alien: Being Dutch in America, under the title: “I’m At a Loss For a Title Today”, 02-25-2017)

Header image: Edvard Munch. The Scream

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Muslim Ban and Hate Crimes Against Muslims by Trump Supporters

  1. I understand your frustration. The painting ‘The Scream’ is very appropriate. I feel sometimes like that if I look around here and abroad what kinf of just plain stupidity and ignorance has become the trend.
    Fear is the worst advisor, as an OCD-er for 48 years,, I have earned the right to say that.
    But what do I see: People fearing that what they don’t understand and instead of trying to ask yourself if your fear is founded in reality they go immidiatly in basic fear mode.
    It is not difficult to let fear and anger get the better of you. It is tempting not dealing with your fear and make somebody else responsable for it.
    I find it very hard to understand that after WWII it was “never again” and now I see people doing the same, with another group. The same lies, the same fearmongering.
    I spent a lot of thought on this and I came to the following conclusion.
    I will never vote for a party or politician that has fearmongering of all dorts in their programm.
    I will voice my opinion when ever I have the oppertunity.
    I won’t follow the temptatiom to sink to the same ignorant level of insults and abusive language.
    I try to choose my battles so to speak. That means that I take sometimes a time-out. Because I don’t want loose sight of the decent,reasonable, compassionate peoples. They are the ones you hardly hear because of the platitudes of populists of the day.
    Why Americans have choosen the current president?
    They squander the basic principals of their country.
    But by choosing this president, like you stated before, endorse hate crimes against many Americans because of gender, because of race, because of religion or the lack of, the choice of partner, your political views.
    It sends a message of ignorance, arrogance, narcism.

    1. All true, Marie-Jacqueline. Interesting how you bring OCD into it. My daughter has OCD, and yes, she also knows that many fears are not realistic. Too many people are never forced to confront their thoughts, and so we all pay the price.

      1. You mentioned that in a post some time ago that your daughter has OCD.
        I understand the anxiety she has to face, the courage and determination to face her OCD.
        I hope you don’t mind me saying this: We, your daughter and me, we don’t have the luxury not facing our fears and thoughts. Because if we do that those fears and thoughts will rule our lives.
        Your are right with your last statement. It is true!
        Humor however is a excellent antidote in all this! ☺

        1. Yes. There’s a poster in R’s OCD therapist’s waiting room that reads: The only way out is through. It took her a while to even accept that, but she’s there now, and breaking personal records every time.

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